My Mentor, My friend, My Inspiration by Leona Emberson

The most significant and impactful vision habilitation therapy I ever received came through meeting a friend and mentor. This woman, who I had the privilege and honour to call my friend and mentor, had the same visual condition as me, worked for the same employer, and had the generous spirit and love of life I strive to embrace.

For those reading who have had, and accepted, the opportunity to develop this perfect mentorship match, you will understand what this relationship meant to me. For those of you who have not yet had this hounour, this gift of life altering time and encouragement, I will try to explain what it means.

This woman understood the challenges I faced daily, because she had lived them. She understood the things I could not do, because she had already discovered them. She knew how to face the challenges and adversity I faced, because she had already battled them. She knew when to encourage me to fight, and when to stand aside and let me discover the adventure alone. Continue reading