Journey to Recover by John Young

Photo of John Young at the finish line of the marathon course.

Crossing the finish line at the Myles Standish Marathon

On November 18th, I did what I never thought I could when I completed my first marathon, the Myles Standish Marathon in Plymouth, MA.  The race was a quick replacement to the NYC Marathon that was cancelled 2 weeks earlier due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

The race was an amazing experience and my race report can be found here.

Based on this race, I managed to qualify for the Boston Marathon as an AWAD runner.

When I started competing in triathlon 3 years ago, I never imagined I would be preparing for and then completing a 26.2 road race.  Contrary to what I was being told by MANY of my seasoned athletic friends, I chose to honor a commitment I made to run in the “Feaster Five” in Andover, MA on Thanksgiving Day (4 days after the marathon) and then in the Jolly Jaunt 5K in Danvers, MA  on the first weekend in December.  A friend of mine warned, his only injuries have occurred during very short races following LONG races. Continue reading


Coming Out of the Starting Blocks by Jon Dunkerley

Jon Dunkerley (on left) & Guide Coming out of the starting blocks at a track race

I am a blind runner competing in a site classification reserved for those athletes with no, or very little site, thus I require a guide runner to help me navigate the track. This can pose some very unique challenges for sure, but when mastered, I’ve been told there is nothing sweeter to watch…

Yup, I am a blind 400meter runner and in just two short weeks, I’ll be jetting off to the UK to prepare to represent Canada in the Paralympic games, beginning in London on August 29th.

Competing as a blind sprinter comes with it, a host of unique challenges that when mastered at the elite level, can result in some ridiculously fast times being run. One of ‘said’ challenges that needs to be conquered before one can even consider running at a world class level is mastering the start. The start is the first component to a sprint race, and is hard enough to execute on your own, never mind tethered to a guide runner. Yeah I run with a guide runner, so not only do I have to be on the ball, but so does he. Continue reading